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One month to go to apply for 2014 entry

As usual deadlines feel like they approach faster and faster as the date comes due. Here comes the big one for our potential students for next year, those hoping to come on the course in October 2014 – closing date for applications is the 28th February.


The number of applications for this our second year has been very strong, running a little ahead of the numbers for the initial cohort. But if you haven’t started by now is there still time to get a competitive application together? Absolutely, but here are a few tips to make sure you do get all of the paperwork done in time.

Firstly, the things that can take the longest are the ones outside of your direct control. So getting references and making sure you have transcripts, these are things that take time and you don’t manage. Kick those off as soon as you can to give those you are asking for help time to do the best that they can do for you.

Second, there is a period of grace from when you submit the application to upload all of the supporting documents. This is another 2 weeks and means that you can get the main application completed and the supporting documents can follow. Having said that, don’t use that 14 days as a cushion not to get on with things. The sooner the application is in the better, but use the time up to the end of February to make your application as strong as it can possibly be.

We are really enjoying this first year of the MPP and the course is going really well. The first cohort are an exceptional bunch of students with an incredibly strong and diverse set of backgrounds. If you think you’d like to come and be part of the development of public policy at Cambridge get your application started now. We are looking forward to welcoming another great group of students in October 2014 and you could be part of it.

Good luck from all the admissions team!