Monthly Archives: March 2015

Two-thirds of the way through …

Finbarr Livesey, Deputy Director MPP

The end of the Lent term is here and the students for this year’s MPP are heading off on the on-site portion of their placements. This is a really exciting time, as the students are working directly with governments, multilaterals and NGOs, putting their new knowledge to the test in the field. It is also really strange to think that they are now two-thirds of the way through their year here in Cambridge.

The placements are a key part of the MPP as they are based on the real and current issues facing senior decision makers at national and international levels. We are incredibly grateful to all of the departments, organisation and individuals who support the MPP by providing their time and mentorship.

This year we have students working in UK central government departments including Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) as well as the Cabinet Office. On the international front we have students at the World Bank, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and within the UN. Outside of government, we have placements with the Acumen Fund, Social Finance and IPPR. The breadth and quality of these engagements is incredible and we’re looking forward to seeing the outputs of our student work used by these organisations moving forward.

Each of our students is on-site with their placement for four weeks, before coming back to Cambridge and having ten weeks to complete the research and writing of the policy recommendation paper that is the final submission for the MPP. This year we will also host a placement conference where all of the students will present their findings to the MPP class, placement organisations and other invited specialists. The conference is a highlight of the programme as it shows the quality of the MPP class and the breadth that public policy as a discipline has to cover.

But right now our students are facing a busy time in between terms and then a dash to the finishing line in June. Amazing how quickly the time passes in Cambridge.