Monthly Archives: January 2018

Growing the support for our students – Stanley P Gold Studentship

As the Cambridge MPP continues to grow we are working very hard to provide funding opportunities for students to come and study with us and to reduce their financial burden if possible. We are therefore very excited to announce the Stanley P Gold Studentship which will be available from 2018 for MPP students. This will cover the course fee for one student selected from those offered a place on the course (no separate application is required). For details of all current funding for MPP students please see our Funding page.

We are very grateful to our alumni who continue to support us and the Cambridge community generally. This is a time of significant growth for public policy at Cambridge. This year the MPP recruits its sixth cohort and the Cambridge Institute for Public Policy (CIPP) officially launches. Due to the continued support of the University and the Department of Politics & International Studies (POLIS), the work of our faculty, and the quality of our students and alumni, we believe Cambridge is a leading institution for teaching and research in public policy. With these foundations in place it is going to be very exciting to see the further growth of public policy at Cambridge and to see what we can achieve in another five years!

Finbarr Livesey